Aware is not quite clear prospects for Mandriva Linux, the leading developers decided to create a fork called Mageia

Most developers of Mandriva[t:tag slug=mandriva]Mandriva was dismissed for the Elimination of Edge-IT. We no longer trust the plans Mandriva SA, as well as any other company: we do not believe that whatever it was a commercial organization can be trusted to conduct such a project.

People working on distribution, no longer willing to depend on economic fluctuations and the sometimes zany and unpredictable “strategic” decisions of the authorities.

Fork of any open source project - not an easy decision. Especially when it comes to such a massive project such as Mandriva.

This is not to be impulsive decision. Former employees of Mandriva SA, Cooker’a contributors, members of user communities - we are all long time friends, gathered opinions and reactions on all sides before coming to a reasoned and informed decisions.

We are confident that in this situation a fork - the best solution. We are creating a new distro - Mageia.

Mageia - completely community-project. It will not depend on the fate of individual companies.

In the coming days will be based non-profit organization governed by a Board consisting of members of the community. After the first year, the Council will regularly re-elected.

Mageia manifesto signed by more than twenty developers and contributors, Mandriva. The full list is available on the new site Mageia. Stated that in the coming days will be resolved matters hosting, server assembly, composition, developers, contributors, translators and testers, as well as a non-profit organization. Open IRC-channels # mageia and # mageia-ru (network Freenode). All are invited to cooperate.

24 September 2010

Russian Foundation for NGI buys Linux-company Mandriva and PingWin Software
Monument Linux’u in Tyumen

• Prototypes of the Russian NPP will be based on platforms Red Hat and Mandriva. In the development will bring together the world's leading providers of Linux- »»»
Government funding, the program only NPP in 2011-2012 is planned in the amount of 490 million rubles.
• Feminist created a fork of the Linux kernel in response to the categorical statements of Linus Torvalds »»»
After more categorical statements of the author and main developer
• The battle for the Russian national government order for the operating system »»»
State corporation Russian Technologies completes deal to buy blocking stake in one of the leading Russian developers of the operating system (OS) - OOO “Alt Linux” (brand Alt Linux).
• Former Adviser to the President to take free software; »»»
According to the publication RIA Novosti reported with reference to the representative of the former adviser to President Leonid Reiman, he established the company ROSA.
• Russian Foundation for NGI buys Linux-company Mandriva and PingWin Software »»»
Foundation with Russian roots “NGI, which attributed to contact with Leonid Reiman.