Ukraine will create a public Linux

In order to save budget in Ukraine will develop a package of open source software for government agencies. At its creation is given 4 years. The project will cost about $ 5.6 million

State Committee for Communications and Informatization of Ukraine, which is a government contracting programs for the use in government software with open source, has prepared a draft of the program (the document is available to the CNews).

According to official documents, to the state target of scientific and technical programs of the public authorities of open source software is to optimize budget spending, as well as a solution using unlicensed software in government agencies.

The concept of this program was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in late December 2009 Term of the program is 4 years - from 2011 to 2014

The total budget for this program should be approximately 45 million hryvnia (about $ 5.6 million). Of these, 41 million hryvnia ($ 5.1 million) is planned to take from the state budget, and another 4 million ($ 490 thousand) - from other sources.

During the first year of the program the State Committee of Communications and Information plans to spend on her 3.38 million hryvnia (about $ 420 thousand). Over the next three years - 9,780,000 ($ 1,210,000) 17,470,000 ($ 2,170,000) and 14,370,000 ($ 1,790,000) hryvnia, respectively.

Among the expected outcomes of the program: improvement of legal frameworks, carrying out scientific-research work on the creation and use of open software infrastructure for its development, the formation and propagation, coordination and government support for infrastructure using open source software in government agencies, creating a localized base kit distribution, adapted to the needs of public authorities.

31 August 2010

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