Skype for Linux was suspected of spying

Skype for Linux has access to files, which seemed to have no relation to the work of the application of IP-telephony. In particular, the application was seen in access to the file system passwords …

24 August 2010

Linuh addresses a vulnerability 6 years!
Motorola needs to stop the spread of informal firmware on your phone.

• Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange has prepared access server based on Linux »»»
As part of a new high-performance version of the Commerce Clearing System MICEX prepared version of the access server (Gateway) for Linux.
• VMware has launched its own operating system based on Linux Photon »»»
VMware has introduced its own operating system on the kernel Linux.
• Dans Ubuntu construit la possibilité d'acheter un logiciel payant »»»
Les développeurs Ubuntu continue de surprendre et de nous enchanter avec leurs innovations pratiques.
• In Ubuntu built the possibility of buying paid software »»»
Ubuntu developers continue to surprise and delight us with their practical innovations.
• KDE developers have demanded from the GNOME project to stop using the name "System Settings" »»»
Starting from the recently released GNOME 3.0, the control panel is called “System Settings”.