Oracle Company ceases production distribution OpenSolaris

In the mailing list developer OpenSolaris published an internal document Oracle, under which a company ceases to develop as OpenSolaris distribution, but will continue its support as a code base to reflect new technologies that appear in Solaris. Instead, distribution OpenSolaris will be released periodically free experimental binaries Solaris Express. The first release Solaris 11 Express is scheduled for the end of the year. In Solaris Express, no other binary versions of Solaris will not be issued, including the refusal of the night and weekly assemblies and lifting already belated release of OpenSolaris 2010.05.

The code for Solaris will continue to be available under a license CDDL, but the source of new developments will be published in open access only after the release of the next binary release of Solaris, contains the data innovations. Earlier, new features are added first to the code base OpenSolaris, tested and transferred to Solaris, but now will be the opposite - he began to take shape release Solaris, and then included in it will be given to improving the community. According to Oracle, the new scheme will prevent the flow of new products on a side project to their integration into the Enterprise-version of Solaris.
It should be noted that information has not been formally announced by Oracle and is an internal leak, confirmed that one of the staff.

14 August 2010

CIA and Lockheed Martin opened the source code of analytical web-platforms
Schools Khakassia switch to GNU / Linux

• Officially released FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE »»»
After 10 months from the issuance of FreeBSD 7.2 and 4 months after the release of FreeBSD 8.
• Oracle obsessed with Linux-market and released its Linux-kernel »»»
Today, Oracle announced that its distribution OEL (Oracle Enterprise Linux) is now called simply Oracle Linux, and has released an optimized edition of the Linux kernel for the system.
• For Linux available native support ZFS file system »»»
Brian Behlendorf (Brian Behlendorf), creator of the http-server Apache, introduced a new version of the project, which is working to implement native support for ZFS file system for Linux.
• Oracle has absorbed the company Ksplice, emerging technology upgrade Linux-kernel without rebooting »»»
Oracle Corp. announced a deal to buy the company Ksplice, evolving technology upgrade Linux-kernel without rebooting and temporary work stoppages.
• At the appointed time came Ubuntu 10.10. »»»
Officially available release Linux distribution Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”. Distribution is available in versions for desktops.