CIA and Lockheed Martin opened the source code of analytical web-platforms

Matthew Barton (Matthew Burton), a former CIA analyst, made by the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. permission to open it developed with the participation of the project Collaborative ACH, which is a web-oriented platform for building social networks to ensure effective joint work of experts and analysts involved in the analysis of threats and sorting out complex international situations. The platform was designed three years ago and apart from the CIA has been implemented by the Ministry of Defense. After the settlement of issues of copyright and agree with the leadership managed to get permission to publish the code platform under a free license.

The platform allows a more objective to analyze the competing hypotheses, even when faced with a huge number associated with the solvable problem of evidence. Collaborative ACH allows each analyst to focus on the development of a single hypothesis, not at the same time not be isolated from the information obtained by their colleagues and taking into account the views of outside experts to help jointly overcome the contradictions and identify the most optimal solution. Despite the fact that the Collaborative ACH was created to create a social network for intelligence analysis, methods used in the product ideally suited for solving analytical problems in medicine, criminology, history, physics and journalism.

At the same time, the corporation Lockheed Martin, the largest supplier of technology for the Ministry of Defense and U.S. government agency, has fulfilled this promise last year and opened under a free license social media system for Eureka Streams, designed for the secure exchange of ideas and information within the corporation. The source code of Eureka Streams can be downloaded from the service The code is written in Java and licensed under Apache, as a database used by PostgreSQL.
Lockheed Martin Eureka Streams includes tools for creating and maintaining blogs, wiki-pages, bookmarks, and managing e-mail correspondents

8 August 2010

The court forbade distribute televisions violating GPL
Oracle Company ceases production distribution OpenSolaris

• "ROSA" opens the source code of free software development ROSA ABF »»»
The company “ROSA” announces the beta release of the development of free software ROSA ABF.
• "United Russia" supported the creation of Russia's Linux »»»
Chairman of the State Duma and head of United Russia “Boris Gryzlov said Russia supported the idea of creating an operating system-based software with open source software (ACT).
• Poland: Exchange of free software will appear in the school curriculum »»»
Polish Foundation for an open and free software (FWIOO) created a group of 10 experts to develop training courses are free and open source software for high school and technical schools.
• "United Russia" supported the development of Russia's Linux »»»
“United Russia” supported the creation of Russia’s Linux Chairman of the
• Porting new version of Opera for Linux is stopped and considered unwise »»»
Andreas Tolfsen, former leader of the group to maintain infrastructure in the company Opera Software.