IBM has made the Firefox browser, to official company

The reason for the transition to Firefox was the browser’s compliance with industry standards, as well as security and openness. The recommendation to install the browser by default will almost 400,000 employees worldwide.

Firefox predustanovyat on all corporate computers. IBM turn to third-party software vendors with a request to add support for Firefox in corporate web applications. However, in a personal blog vice president, IBM Software Group Bob Sutor (Bob Sutor) did not say exactly what version of the browser will be installed on the computers of employees.

In April, fund Mozilla Foundation has calculated that the Firefox browser use about 30 percent “of Internet users in the world (more than 350 million people). In January and the latest version of the browser - Firefox 3.6.

In December 2009, the previous version of Firefox 3.5 was the most popular browser in the world. She walked on the number of users of Internet Explorer 7 and 8 separately.

2 July 2010

Dell refuses to Windows in favor of Ubuntu Linux
Russian investment fund has acquired Linux-distro Mandriva to build on its base operating system of national

• 42% of Dell computers sold in China a Linux »»»
The head of Dell's China representative said The Wall Street Journal.
• Dell refuses to Windows in favor of Ubuntu Linux »»»
Dell has announced its plans to release PCs with Linux pre-installed instead of Windows.
• The company has licensed codecs H.264/AVC Canonical for Ubuntu Linux »»»
The company Canonical is now the only Linux-vendor, received a license to use the H.
• Launched an official beta-testing the Linux (and MacOS X) version of the browser Google Chrome »»»
Google has announced the first official beta version of the web-browser Chrome 4.
• Released version Yandex Browser for Linux users »»»
Today Yandex Browser Beta updated to the new version 14.10, which tested several fairly major innovations.