Alexander Side: Let’s talk about why the state rather than national officials need an operating system from the constructive point of view

In comments to the news from Russia everywhere betrays hostility to officials and an across-the prosecution of vzyatnichestve and cuts. “National Operating System” - mandatory sawn. Skolkovo - sawn. “Nano” - sawn.

I will not even try to argue. From my point of view, if all the time to focus on the negative, the result will only be negative. Let’s talk about why the state rather than national officials need an operating system with a constructive point of view.

What is the state in terms of organizational? Collection agencies with different responsibilities and orientation. Federal, regional, municipal. Civilian, military, special purpose. Varying degrees of openness to each other and the public. Relations between them and the society in terms of information sharing difficult, as the scheme of distribution of funds for this exchange. Although, with the latest simpler. Certain projects can be financed only from the regional and municipal budgets, and some - only from the federal. It defined the legal framework and sometimes similar financial nuances seriously complicate the development and introduction of IT. So it was, for example, with school projects (”First Aid”, SCPI, broadband internet access), so surely will in the future with other government IT projects.

The ideal information system in the state - a combination of several factors:

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24 July 2010

The National operating system will appear in 2011
Linux will become public

• The battle for the Russian national government order for the operating system »»»
State corporation Russian Technologies completes deal to buy blocking stake in one of the leading Russian developers of the operating system (OS) - OOO “Alt Linux” (brand Alt Linux).
• President of Russia is planning that by the end of 2010 no less than 25% of schools will be using mostly free software »»»
Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev approved the Plan of Implementation Strategy of the Information Society in Russia until 2011, which represents the priority program activities in eight areas: 1.
• The National operating system will appear in 2011 »»»
The first version of the Russian national operating system may appear as early as 2011, said today Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Ilya Massuh.
• The Russian government approved the development of national operating system »»»
Government commission on high technology and innovation endorsed the development of a national OS.
• Ministry of Communications disrupted timing of the introduction of import software in government agencies. Register Russian software for officials proved inoperative »»»
Established by the Government of the Russian import regime software in state agencies proved inoperative.