Dell: Ubuntu is more secure than Windows

One of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, the company Dell, said that the Ubuntu operating system provides more protection against online threats than Windows, but because PC buyers should not be afraid of it. In a statement published on the site, Dell has now called the security of one of the ten reasons why customers should buy a PC running Linux from Canonical, not the operating system of Microsoft.

15 June 2010

Clipboards with a specialized version of the Ubuntu OS will appear in 2011
Dell refuses to Windows in favor of Ubuntu Linux

• Down surveillance and overpayment business refuses to Windows in favor of Ubuntu »»»
Immediately after the release of Windows 10 computer security experts
• U.S. banks began mailing list Linux-drive to improve security for online banking »»»
CNL American Bank in order to ensure security in online banking transactions is considering the idea spread among its clients boot LiveCD c Ubuntu Linux and Firefox.
• Dell refuses to Windows in favor of Ubuntu Linux »»»
Dell has announced its plans to release PCs with Linux pre-installed instead of Windows.
• Ubuntu Linux approved for "public" use in the U.S. »»»
An independent agency of the U.S. government GSA (General Services Administration, “GSA”) has approved as an Ubuntu Linux system for use in the public sector.
• Microsoft removed Linux from the number of competitors in the market Windows operating systems for personal computers »»»
Microsoft no longer considers Linux as a competitor in the PC market, as evidenced by changes in a document, regularly filed with the Commission software giant U.