How to slow down Linux in schools: e-books can be read only under Windows. The state spent $ 640 million to promote proprietary software.

On the infrastructure of e-books for schools spent more than 640 million rubles. However, until now these modules can only be run under the operating system Windows. Designed with a Linux-delayed version of the player is already the fourth test. The timing of its transfer to the school, none of the officials could not be called.

Project to develop electronic textbooks and their use of the system has a long history. Under the Federal Program of Education in 2006 was a competition to build the infrastructure of the Federal Centre for Information and Educational Resources (FTSIOR). The tender with a budget of more than 165 million rubles. The winner was recognized as a company Krok. The site became a repository of e-books and software for use in schools.

In 2008 it allocated 270 million rubles to build themselves textbooks (electronic educational resources, to ESM) for various school subjects. The main contractors were state-owned National Multimedia Center (RMC) and the structure 1C. Later, the state has allocated tens of millions of rubles to create different EORov.

In the same year, competition was held to improve the quality of electronic textbooks in the amount of 80 million rubles. Inherited IBS. Among other things, the company undertook to test EORov for their compatibility with the Linux operating system and give recommendations on the development of software player to work with e-books in this free OS. EORy new generation - e-learning modules, EUM - were designed to provide schools the choice platform, ie enable them to avoid the high cost of purchasing proprietary software. The massive use of computers in school is associated with teaching computer science and other subjects. Assumed that the administrative tasks, in which the school normally uses the computer 1-3 can be solved on Windows. It was stated that most of the reduction of costs of schools would be possible is due to transfer to Linux educational process.

7 June 2010

Linux-based devices will move non-profit alliance Linaro, who created the ARM, IBM, Samsung, Texas Instruments, ST-Ericsson, and Freescale
Clipboards with a specialized version of the Ubuntu OS will appear in 2011

• In American schools there will be Linux-books »»»
Department of Education of the American state of Utah has launched a program to develop a free e-books for students of local schools.
• President of Russia is planning that by the end of 2010 no less than 25% of schools will be using mostly free software »»»
Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev approved the Plan of Implementation Strategy of the Information Society in Russia until 2011, which represents the priority program activities in eight areas: 1.
• The Russian government approved the development of national operating system »»»
Government commission on high technology and innovation endorsed the development of a national OS.
• Started an open testing Windows-based applications to be compatible with national operating »»»
Etersoft company with the support of a member of the
• "United Russia" supported the creation of Russia's Linux »»»
Chairman of the State Duma and head of United Russia “Boris Gryzlov said Russia supported the idea of creating an operating system-based software with open source software (ACT).