Linux-based devices will move non-profit alliance Linaro, who created the ARM, IBM, Samsung, Texas Instruments, ST-Ericsson, and Freescale

The creators of the alliance expects that Linaro will stimulate the emergence of devices that use a system based on the crystal (SoC). First Linaro release a set of tools and applications for ARM-processors Cortex-A. Estimated date of release package - November this year.

It is known that all members of the newly formed alliance will fund work on open source projects, which can subsequently be applied in operating systems based on Linux. These operating systems are Ubuntu, MeeGo, Android and webOS. At the official press conference convened by the founders Linaro, was announced by the approximate annual budget of the alliance - a few dozen million dollars. Team Linaro will consist of 100 people, according tehnoblog Engadget.

Technology and software developed under the auspices Linaro, can be used in various types of devices ranging from smartphones and Tablet PCs, and ending with television. Currently, it is the lack of software and tools for its development slows production of new devaysov believes the organization’s leadership. Among the plans Linaro - release software packages and updates them at least twice a year.

In addition, it is expected that Linaro will regularly (every six months) to produce “updated versions of optimized tools, kernel and middleware, tested for a wide range of SoC-Systems. The first release is scheduled for November this year and will be designed for SoC-based systems, the family of processors ARM Cortex-A.

Executive Director Linaro appointed Thomas Lantssh (Thomas Lantzsch), which since 2006 has served as vice president of marketing for a division of intellectual property in the ARM.

6 June 2010

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