The Supreme Court of Canada: government agencies buying Microsoft products without consideration of alternatives is a violation of

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Government of Quebec is guilty of what they bought the software from Microsoft, without considering possible alternatives. Governmental Authority on procurement illegally spent 720 thousand dollars since the fall of 2006 to purchase Microsoft Vista operating system and office suite Microsoft Office 2007 for eight workstations. Wine is that the government failed to conduct a serious and documented study of alternatives that is required by law to spending in excess of 25 thousand dollars.

The suit was filed in March 2008 by a small company Savoir Faire Linux, dedicated to strengthening the implementation of solutions based on Open Source. In its defense, the government has put forward the following arguments: firstly, this purchase is not an acquisition of new software, because in this case to update (upgrade), and therefore it was not necessary in the tender, secondly, the retraining of personnel in the case of the use of alternatives would entail additional costs. It should be noted that the tender yet occurred, but it was allowed to participate only to companies that sell software from Microsoft.

5 June 2010

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