In Finland, more than a hundred schools have been translated into Ubuntu Linux

Computer classes are over a hundred schools have been translated into Finnish using only free software as a distribution in schools using Ubuntu Linux. Using Linux and organization of work stations in the form of thin clients allowed to extend participation in the educational process obsolete computers purchased 4-5 years ago. The cost of a PC based service, is 282 euros per year (according to other 153 euros per year). Currently, schools are running Ubuntu Linux running several thousand thin clients and hundreds of notebooks.

14 May 2010

Samara “Front R” considered “Piracy” server with Linux. The case collapsed in court, but the server is hopelessly corrupt
Released Linux distribution Fedora 13 Goddard

• How to slow down Linux in schools: e-books can be read only under Windows. The state spent $ 640 million to promote proprietary software. »»»
On the infrastructure of e-books for schools spent more than 640 million rubles.
• In schools where you installed Linux with parents collect money for licensed Windows »»»
Our children learn in grade school № 5. And we are asked to hand over money for the program “Microsoft” for the lessons of computer science.
• Schools Khakassia switch to GNU / Linux »»»
News Agency of Khakassia, with reference to the press service
• Poland: Exchange of free software will appear in the school curriculum »»»
Polish Foundation for an open and free software (FWIOO) created a group of 10 experts to develop training courses are free and open source software for high school and technical schools.
• Police France completely converted to Linux »»»
French police announced the refusal of their offices throughout the country from the use of Microsoft Windows operating systems in favor of open distributions of Linux.