Samara “Front R” considered “Piracy” server with Linux. The case collapsed in court, but the server is hopelessly corrupt

In May last year in office, Ltd. SamaraInfoGir “members of” C “(Interior Ministry special forces to combat crime in the sphere of high technologies) search was conducted, during which detectives seized a merchant server. Policemen are not embarrassed that the installed operating system on it OPEN SUSE 10, manufactured by the corporation NOWELL, - free software. Documents, including licensing agreements, provided staff “SamaraInfoGir” on other programs installed on the server, also had no effect on the police no action. The visitors claimed that they acted at the request of a citizen Ryabov, who is alleged to have read in some forum that this server is using pirated software, and on this basis, the server must be sent for examination. What was that person, and whether he was at all - is unknown. The address shown in the statement, he did not live. Passport data in the statement Ryabova absent.

“It seems to me that this is all a fictional character,” argues the director of “SamaraInfoGir Denis Karabelschikov. - If you restore the events of that day, it turns out that within 20 minutes of working time of” K “There have been numerous events. In the morning, along came applicant Ryabov, a statement, after which the investigators sent a request to VolgaTelecom received an answer, got clothes from the head of the department, drove to the location of the server, find witnesses and off the server. According to reports, drawn operatives, all this was happening in Between 8.00 and 8.20 am.

Withdrawn from merchants server via a standard script was sent for examination, LLC “Three C”. Judge Vladimir of Serpukhov in its opinion pointed out that the server allegedly found counterfeit software Windows. However, when it came to court, the conclusion of Mr. Serpukhov was rejected. The court decided to inspect the north directly into the courtroom.

13 May 2010

In elections in the Philippines used cars for voting on the basis of Ubuntu Linux
In Finland, more than a hundred schools have been translated into Ubuntu Linux

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I will write at once a useful function in PHP - is trivial, but who have, what seems interesting.
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Harald Welte (Harald Welte) announced that Skype has lost in the proceedings against the enthusiasts, protecting the GNU GPL.
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Microsoft announced the release of SQL Server on Linux, as well as prepares the operating system based on Debian for network devices.
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As part of a new high-performance version of the Commerce Clearing System MICEX prepared version of the access server (Gateway) for Linux.
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Organization Center for the Protection of Free Software (Software Freedom