In elections in the Philippines used cars for voting on the basis of Ubuntu Linux

At the general elections held yesterday members of parliament and the president of the Philippines used the new electronic voting system for the storage and counting of votes which was involved a group of machines running Ubuntu Linux.

Unfortunately in the new automated system of counting votes has not been without major mistakes and failures, resulting in one of which is one of the presidential candidates failed to vote because of malfunction of a voting machine. The reason for failure was not connected with Ubuntu Linux and related to the machines to read information from the forms.

11 May 2010

The company has licensed codecs H.264/AVC Canonical for Ubuntu Linux
Samara “Front R” considered “Piracy” server with Linux. The case collapsed in court, but the server is hopelessly corrupt

• Analysts: Innovation in 2012 will be based on open source »»»
Analysts argue that open source encourages innovation development in the major segments of the technology, including mobile technology, cloud computing and “big data”.
• London Stock Exchange completed its transfer of primary systems on Linux »»»
Completed implementation of the trading platform Millennium Exchange. The main part of the new platform is written in C + + and runs under SUSE Linux.
• Linux will ensure the secrecy of defense contracts (ASG "State Defense Order" is almost ready, it remains to establish private communication channels between users) »»»
Work on the creation of the state automated system, “State Defense Order” (ASG “SDO”) is nearing completion.
• Android-smartphone can now run Ubuntu Linux on an external monitor »»»
The company introduced the Canonical Ubuntu for Android, allows you to transform an ordinary smartphone with Android in a portable station for a complete desktop environment.
• Director of the Linux Foundation: Microsoft, we have already won everywhere except in desktops. The battle is over »»»
Linus Torvalds began developing an operating system kernel in April 1991.