The newest Release of the most popular Linux-Distribution Ubuntu “Lucid Lynx” (”clear lynx”)

Holds Releases Ubuntu “Lucid Lynx” (”clear lynx”) 10.04 LTS popular Linux distribution!

Major changes:

* Kernel 6.2.1932,
* The complete removal of HAL, which allows significantly reduce download time on / off and exit from sleep,
* GCC version 4.4.3
* Python version 2.6.5,
* NVidia drivers by default Nouveau,
* GNOME 2.30;
* Removed the GIMP
* General improvements in Ubuntu One,
* Integration shop Ubuntu One Music Store,
* Ubuntu Software Center 2.0,
* New graphics (complete re-branding ubuntu),
* Added package Gwibber - client for social networks
* Added video editor Pitivi,
* Added package Simple Scan - a simple and easy scanning;

29 April 2010

Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange has prepared access server based on Linux
The company has licensed codecs H.264/AVC Canonical for Ubuntu Linux

• Released Linux-Fedora distribution 17 »»»
To download a LiveCD installation options are available with graphical environments based on KDE.
• Ubuntu 10.10 RC »»»
Presented a candidate for release Linux-Distribution Ubuntu 10.10. Output the final version is planned on October 10.
• Officially released FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE »»»
After 10 months from the issuance of FreeBSD 7.2 and 4 months after the release of FreeBSD 8.
• Available Linux-distro Ubuntu 15.10 »»»
The release of Linux-distribution Ubuntu 15.10 "Wily Werewolf". Complete installation images created for the Ubuntu Desktop.
• Sabayon Linux 5.4 »»»
Release of distro Sabayon Linux 5.4, combines the convenience for the end user with the flexibility of Gentoo.