Winners of the contest video “We - Linux”

At the conference, Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit announced the winners of the second annual video “We - Linux”, promoting the benefits of the platform Linux. The organizers are hoping that the event will demonstrate the strengths of Linux and inspire those unfamiliar with Linux users dare to try this platform in action.

Of the works sent to the contest, the jury chose the 3 best movie:

* First place: video “Go Linux”, with its emphasis on the possibility of using Linux on older hardware without having to buy every few years, more powerful computer.
* Second place: movie “Create Something Unique” is devoted to extreme flexibility of Linux, the possibility of adapting Linux-solutions to suit your needs and a selection of ready-made options for every taste.
* Third place: movie “Free Your Computer”, highlighting the power and independence of Linux. 1: 2: 3:

25 April 2010

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Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange has prepared access server based on Linux

• Microsoft took part in the contest video in honor of two decades of the Linux kernel »»»
The German branch of Microsoft has taken part in the contest video, marking the twentieth anniversary of the Linux-kernel.
• Linux Foundation obvila winner of the contest advertisement "We have Linux" »»»
Non-profit organization Linux Foundation has announced the winner of its competition “We Linux” for the best advertising spots on the operating system GNU / Linux.
• Novell launched a competition for the best video about Linux »»»
The company Novell, which develops and sells enterprise solutions based on SUSE Linux, today announced the launch of its video contest about Linux, known as “What do you do with Linux?
• Tokyo Stock Exchange has moved to Linux »»»
Red Hat Enterprise Linux was chosen as the leading exchange
• In the world of Russian Linux matures next scandal »»»
August 15, 2011 announced a contest to create a prototype of a national software platform (GMP).