Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange has prepared access server based on Linux

As part of a new high-performance version of the Commerce Clearing System MICEX prepared version of the access server (Gateway) for Linux. The server provides access to broadcast transactions bidders (registration and removal requests, etc.) in the central part of the MICEX trading system, and handles information requests from users by providing information on the tender (financial tools, quotes, applications, transactions, etc. .).

As the access server for Linux works as a flash, and the stock market, one of the key advantages of the new platform was an opportunity for bidders who are active in several markets, use one of the main hardware server access to all markets. The platform is based on server HP ProLiant DL 360 and the Linux distribution OpenSuSE 10.3. Presented earlier version of the access server based on the use of HP-UX 11i. In addition, we note that the MICEX web site runs on Linux-server and is implemented in Python using the application server Zope.

25 April 2010

Winners of the contest video “We - Linux”
The newest Release of the most popular Linux-Distribution Ubuntu “Lucid Lynx” (”clear lynx”)

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