Ministers call for IT in Europe to introduce open source software

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Europe published a collective letter to state agencies to use open source software and open standards. This will accelerate the pace of innovative development and increase the effectiveness of e-government, according to the document. The number of municipal, regional and national government agencies in Europe is that they have a fairly high purchasing power and occupy a considerable part among the customers of IT solutions.

For years, European authorities have taken to the proposal, only the biggest players in the software market. This led to the fact that for filing tax returns, applications for licenses and other documents of citizens are forced to use software compatible with existing in state institutions, writes Techworld.

In order to weaken the influence of proprietary software vendors such as Microsoft, the European Commission is developing a number of initiatives. But at the same time, work on European Interoperability Framework, a set of recommendations intended to smooth relations between the state and commercial organizations and society. This document is being lobbied suppliers proprietary software, so its output is unlikely to change anything on the market.

Proponents of open source software hope that the Minister’s letter will allow them to consolidate their positions. It has been published on the eve of publication of the report of the European Commissioner for ICT Neily Kroes (Neelie Kroes), which it intends predstaivt next month. Kroes Ministers endorsed the initiative, saying that they do not dictate the terms by which to develop the ICT market, and contribute to sustainable development technologies.

23 April 2010

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