Free OS was not worse paid

We publish a response to the “personal experience” I bought a netbook with Linux and all the cursed.
I am a young man, using the computer can tell the whole adult life. Laptop for study and work bought about a year ago. Initially, there was running Windows, which in principle does not hurt me. Like most people on your computer I do “normal nonsense”: documents, correspondence, communication, internet, movies, music, etc.

The need to install the new OS came suddenly, but rather, at a time when I was abroad and when you install another program, my Windows abruptly died. At first I was not particularly upset, while in the south-east Asia can afford to buy a disc for $ 3 with Windows and everything else in “one bottle. I think for the average Russian as visible and for children from southeast Asia, no question about spending money on licensed software.

However, installing this freebie, I realized that being read to me in Russian language programs do not get - some krakozyabry. As a result, decided to download Ubuntu Linux.

23 April 2010

ABBYY is released the Linux-version of FineReader Engine 9.0
Ministers call for IT in Europe to introduce open source software

• Ministry of Communications disrupted timing of the introduction of import software in government agencies. Register Russian software for officials proved inoperative »»»
Established by the Government of the Russian import regime software in state agencies proved inoperative.
• Ubuntu 10.10 RC »»»
Presented a candidate for release Linux-Distribution Ubuntu 10.10. Output the final version is planned on October 10.
• Medvedev before leaving Russia to introduce free license »»»
On behalf of President Medvedev prepared to amend the Civil Code, providing for the free license in Russia.
• Robert Morris died - a famous cryptographer, one of the creators of Unix »»»
One of the pioneers of computer science, and played an important role in planning the secret of what was probably the first national cyber war U.
• 42% of Dell computers sold in China a Linux »»»
The head of Dell's China representative said The Wall Street Journal.