IBM warns: Linux is useless to attempt to control

Dan Fry (Dan Frye), IBM’s vice president for developm[t:tag slug=razrabotka]development of open systems, in his opening speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Linux has made an important conclusion about the futility of attempts by individual companies to monitor and influence the development of Linux, without immersion in the developer community. Output is seen to give a certain freedom of its own developers and enable them to achieve high prestige in the community.

Fry reminded the participants that his company has invested in over 10 years $ 1 billion in support of Linux. In addition, IBM actively supports the Linux market technically x86-systems, with Windows in order to confront and compete with Solaris. IBM has repeatedly tried to participate in the development, offering for the introduction of large parts of the source code, but, unfortunately, these attempts always ended in failure.

One example of such attempts led Makkal Matt (Matt Mackall), the leader of the developers Mercurial - is an attempt to implement volume manager for disk devices: “So many people, including Linus, have long tried to understand what it is and why it is needed, but ultimately rejected as “burdensome weight” to develop a core of those times. Frei gave the example of identical incidents, but reported unsuccessful attempts to participate in the provision of the code for the scheduler in the kernel and file systems, as well as trying to attract independent developers to work on the core - is also unsuccessful.

Since then, IBM has not made significant attempts to participate in kernel development, limited to small tasks that do best, what is now tells Linus same: to introduce something that is interesting now, and reject it hard to maintain or intersect with other systems. In the future, according to Fry, in the interests of all the companies who are interested in Linux - help in making decisions to developers of future versions of the operating system. Unable to control the development of the open, any attempt to do so would be sub-optimal - concludes Fry.

16 April 2010

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