LG Electronics joined the Linux Foundation

Of the Linux[/t[t:tag slug=linux-foundation]Linux Foundation has announced the entry into their ranks, LG Electronics, a well-known manufacturer of consumer electronics and mobile devices. As part of Linux Foundation, LG intends to work more closely with the Linux community and participate in various activities related to Linux. Of particular interest is experiencing LG to use Linux on a device permanently connected to the Internet.

Recall that over the past two weeks to Linux Foundation joined 5 other companies: Meyer Sound, CUBRID, Parallels, Ricoh, and Linpus Technologies.

15 April 2010

In Russia came VENDEKAPETS
IBM warns: Linux is useless to attempt to control

• Adobe joined the Linux-community LiMo »»»
American Adobe and three more companies joined the group of LiMo, unites mobile developers on the kernel Linux, stressing the growing role of the operating system in mobile phones.
• Microsoft is trying to completely monopolize the OS market: "In Microsoft courts insist that Linux is the property of her and now she behaves as if Linux is its property." »»»
Microsoft announced the release of SQL Server on Linux, as well as prepares the operating system based on Debian for network devices.
• Mobile Linux-Intel Moblin platform and Nokia Maemo combined »»»
Today at the event, Mobile World Congress 2010, held in Barcelona (Spain).
• Director of the Linux Foundation: Microsoft, we have already won everywhere except in desktops. The battle is over »»»
Linus Torvalds began developing an operating system kernel in April 1991.
• Linux mobile Intel plate-forme Moblin et Nokia Maemo combinés »»»
Aujourd’hui à l’événement, Mobile World Congress 2010, qui s’est tenue à Barcelone (Espagne).