In Russia came VENDEKAPETS

Ahaha, Ubuntu still pushing for the train, 100R for liveDVD:)))

Frankly, I thought that it was April Fool joke.

Today between Elektrozavodskaya and the Kazan railway station at the turn of tracks made their way through the plugs keywords “hard drive”, “desktop”, “email”. He took out his earpiece turned to look, and there is visible without glasses, a familiar logo:)

And interestingly, people are buying. I do not know how much currently drives, but it took me three years ago, Mandriva DVD for 300 rubles took, and they have linukstsentra not cheap.

9 April 2010

Number of Ubuntu users is estimated at 12 million
LG Electronics joined the Linux Foundation

• Using Ubuntu drastically shortens the life hard drives »»»
Ubuntu Linux has long enjoyed a deserved popularity among users of PCs and laptops.
• In Finland, more than a hundred schools have been translated into Ubuntu Linux »»»
Computer classes are over a hundred schools have been translated into Finnish using only free software as a distribution in schools using Ubuntu Linux.
• The battle for the Russian national government order for the operating system »»»
State corporation Russian Technologies completes deal to buy blocking stake in one of the leading Russian developers of the operating system (OS) - OOO “Alt Linux” (brand Alt Linux).
• Free OS was not worse paid »»»
We publish a response to the “personal experience” I bought a netbook with Linux and all the cursed.
• IBM warns: Linux is useless to attempt to control »»»
Dan Fry (Dan Frye), IBM’s vice president for development of open systems.