Number of Ubuntu users is estimated at 12 million

Chris Kenyon (Chris Kenyon), vice-president of Canonical, told a reporter, that the number of users of Ubuntu[/[t:tag slug=ubuntu-linux]Ubuntu Linux has reached 12 million, or 50% more than was announced in autumn 2008. The method of estimating the number of users of the distribution is approximate, based on indirect signs, such as the number of downloaded copies of the distribution and intensity of the updates. Nevertheless, over the past 18 months, the method of calculation has not changed, which suggested that the increase in the number of users, from 8 to 12 million reflects the real nature of the growing popularity of the distribution.

If you look at the statistics for downloading Fedora Linux, as at April 5, after 5 months of the release, were recorded 2,077 million compounds with unique IP with the yum-repository for Fedora 12. With regard to release Fedora 11, it marked 3,594 million unique IP. If we take the total number of unique IP, as reflected in the logs since the release of Fedora 7, then these addresses recorded 24,124 million The number of unique visitors to the site in March totaled 1.728 million, download iso-images of Fedora 12 was made with 1.240 million IP addresses. The actual size of user base Fedora, taking into account the availability of most users have dynamic IP, you can estimate about 4 million

8 April 2010

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