U.S. banks began mailing list Linux-drive to improve security for online banking

CNL American Bank in order to ensure security[t:tag slug=obespechenie]security in online banking transactions is considering the idea spread among its clients boot LiveCD c Ubuntu Linux and Firefox. The disc will be send by mail, but to reduce the delivery time users will be able to download the disk image and burn it to CD yourself.

Recognizing that most consumers do not want to buy a separate computer for online banking, CNL is seriously considering providing a bootable liveCD c Ubuntu Linux on your network offices and by mail. When you boot from the disk will open the Firefox browser with the launch of the bank’s home page CNL. Everything you need for online banking will be isolated on a CD. This should protect customers from malicious code activation, which can be stored on the client computer.

Previously, the recommendations of the use of Linux LiveCD for financial transactions in the online mode has performed several security experts, citing as an argument against the execution of similar operations in Microsoft Windows are two cases in which lost 100 and 447 thousand dollars. The incidents occurred due to the introduction of intruders on one of the cars enterprise network trojan software, enabling them to intercept the authentication settings at the entrance of the machine in Windows domain and have full control over the machine from which the queries are executed on the remote banking services.

3 April 2010

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