Tokyo Stock Exchange has moved to Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux was chosen as the leading exchange in the Asian market as a standard operating system for the construction of a new virtual trading platform of the next generation “Arrowhead”. The project is a joint development of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the company Fujitsu, which is a strategic partner of Red Hat.

The system has already been put into operation and is responsible for all bidding on all cash, including stocks and convertible bonds. Arrowhead system combines a high reliability, enhanced scalability, lower latency, increased flexibility and increased robustness. After the commissioning of the new system processing performance of orders increased 10 times, compared with previously used virtual trading platform.

These calculations yield impressive results: achieved response time of two milliseconds, and waiting time of three milliseconds. In developing the system, Fujitsu successfully combined Red Hat Enterprise Linux, server for mission-critical tasks series PRIMEQUEST and meets all industry standard server line PRIMERGY.

“The high performance, scalability and reliability offered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, combined with the monolithic systems of Fujitsu Services and its server platforms provide a technologically-advanced solution that meets the demands to perform mission-critical system tasks,” - said Yoshinori Suzuki (Yoshinori Suzuki) , Managing Director and CIO of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

23 March 2010

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