CRUCIFIED: Proposals for the establishment of “Russia’s Linux” was not

On Web sites, companies and organizations ALT Linux CRUCIFIED (Russia association of free software) issued an official statement about the recent news about the fact that “United Russia” supported the development of Russia’s Linux.

According to CRUCIFIED, in an official document of the Association “Rossiyskaya software platform. Implementation Strategy” does not contain any proposals on the establishment of Russia’s operating system based on the ACT and the strategy itself is not being presented for approval by the Council.

22 March 2010

“United Russia” supported the development of Russia’s Linux
The story of the thorny path of the project implementation LiMux in Munich

• "United Russia" supported the development of Russia's Linux »»»
“United Russia” supported the creation of Russia’s Linux Chairman of the
• "United Russia" supported the creation of Russia's Linux »»»
Chairman of the State Duma and head of United Russia “Boris Gryzlov said Russia supported the idea of creating an operating system-based software with open source software (ACT).
• Prototypes of the Russian NPP will be based on platforms Red Hat and Mandriva. In the development will bring together the world's leading providers of Linux- »»»
Government funding, the program only NPP in 2011-2012 is planned in the amount of 490 million rubles.
• Linux will become public »»»
State worried about the problem of establishing a national operating system and expects to begin development in the near future.
• Federal Bailiffs Russia injects its Linux-distribution »»»
Management of Information Technology of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP)