President of Russia is planning that by the end of 2010 no less than 25% of schools will be using mostly free software

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev approved the Plan of Implementation Strategy of the Information Society in Russia until 2011, which represents the priority program activities in eight areas:

1. Formation of a national telecommunications infrastructure and accessibility on the basis of its population in the territory of modern ICT services
2. Use of ICT in education and science, as well as skills training in ICT
3. Use of ICT in health care and social welfare
4. Use of ICT to ensure the safety of life of the population
5. Use of ICT in the culture and the system of cultural and humanitarian education
6. Formation in Russia e-government
7. The development of national industry of information technology in Russia
8. The differences between the subjects of Russia in terms of information development

Greatest interest for Russian developers of free software in the approved plan the direction of ICT in education and science, in which the scheduled event
“Making the transition of educational institutions to use the developed package of free software (SCPI)” (p.13 of the Plan, p / p 2.3). As a result of the work in this direction by the end of 2010 25% of educational institutions in each region of Russia should use the SCPI not less than 50% of existing personal computers. By the end of 2011, the proportion of such schools should exceed 35%. Responsibility for achieving the data rates assigned to the MES of Russia and the executive authorities of subjects of the RF …

19 March 2010

Became available in full free firmware for TV LG xxLHyyyy
“United Russia” supported the development of Russia’s Linux

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Polish Foundation for an open and free software (FWIOO) created a group of 10 experts to develop training courses are free and open source software for high school and technical schools.
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On the infrastructure of e-books for schools spent more than 640 million rubles.
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The first version of the Russian national operating system may appear as early as 2011, said today Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Ilya Massuh.
• Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's president on free software »»»
If Russia will not be independent of the software, all other areas in which we want to be independent and competitive, will be jeopardized.
• "United Russia" supported the development of Russia's Linux »»»
“United Russia” supported the creation of Russia’s Linux Chairman of the