They began to know more about the Linux-system of North Korea

Russia university student named Kim Il Sung in North Korea published in his blog review of Linux-distro Red Star, developed in North Korea.

The review Red Star OS, the author notes that the “Red Star” was created on the orders of Kim Jong Il. Moreover, in the README file is a quote: “We need to create a system based on the Linux kernel in our [Korean] style.” Despite this, according to the Koreans themselves, the system is still in its finalization, it is not stable and little used.

Interface is made very similar to Windows. Based as it appears on the graphic environment KDE 3. Manager software allows you to install software from the RPM and DEB packages, or from external repositories, as well as update the system. “Native” program in the Red Star OS, usually have names in the Korean language (for example, simply “graphical editor”). Judging by the screenshots, the interface of each application is fully translated into Korean.

4 March 2010

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