In Ubuntu Linux had a re-branding

Jono Bacon (Jono Bacon) introduced a new logo and updated design of Ubuntu L[t:tag slug=ubuntu]Ubuntut:tag]. Changes will take effect beginning with the next release of Ubuntu - 10.04 “Lucid Lynx”.

According to John, a whole new style inspired by the theme of “Light”. In accordance with it have created new logos for Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and a number of other projects / resources of Ubuntu Linux. In the conduct of “rebranding” the authors have tried to reflect in the new design of four key principles on which the Ubuntu: accuracy / predictability of releases; reliability; joint development, and freedom.

One of the key changes in the design theme for GNOME in Ubuntu Linux by default was not the most successful tracing controls windows of Mac OS X. The fact that the authors have moved the buttons “Minimize” / “expand to full screen” / “close” box in the upper left-hand side pane, while maintaining their current order. As a result, we get that close button is not on the edge of the window (in Mac OS X - it is the extreme left, in the traditional GNOME - it is an extreme right).

In addition to logos, a new theme design, new splash screen Ubuntu (boot splash), and designers worked on creating covers for CDs with Ubuntu Linux, paper pads, sites, Ubuntu, paraphernalia (stickers, mugs, pens, T-shirts). These images can be found on the wiki-page of the Ubuntu project, entitled Brand2 (as at Brand you can find logos, screenshots of the theme and bootsplash).

4 March 2010

They began to know more about the Linux-system of North Korea
“United Russia” supported the creation of Russia’s Linux

• Available Linux-distro Ubuntu 15.10 »»»
The release of Linux-distribution Ubuntu 15.10 "Wily Werewolf". Complete installation images created for the Ubuntu Desktop.
• Ubuntu 10.10 RC »»»
Presented a candidate for release Linux-Distribution Ubuntu 10.10. Output the final version is planned on October 10.
• At the appointed time came Ubuntu 10.10. »»»
Officially available release Linux distribution Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”. Distribution is available in versions for desktops.
• Dell refuses to Windows in favor of Ubuntu Linux »»»
Dell has announced its plans to release PCs with Linux pre-installed instead of Windows.
• Gnome 2.32 Released »»»
Officially announced release of desktop environments GNOME 2.32, the latter under the stable branch 2.