The Linux kernel is estimated at one billion euros

According to experts, the development of Linux version 2.6.30 from scratch now require approximately one billion euros. If not accurately -? 1 025 553 430. It will need about a thousand developers and about 14 years. The researchers estimate that from 2005 to 2007 to improve and supplement package Linux spent annually on average? 82.5 million in 2008, this figure had risen to? 228 million

26 February 2010

As a result of the conflict forum divided into two parts
Schools Siberia did not like the terms of Microsoft and Adobe

• Ukraine will create a public Linux »»»
In order to save budget in Ukraine will develop a package of open source software for government agencies.
• London Stock Exchange completed its transfer of primary systems on Linux »»»
Completed implementation of the trading platform Millennium Exchange. The main part of the new platform is written in C + + and runs under SUSE Linux.
• Linux kernel was 20 years old! »»»
Today marks the official birthday of Linux. After 5 months of development August 25, 1991 a 21-year-old student, Linus Torvalds announced in a teleconference comp.
• Linux will become public »»»
State worried about the problem of establishing a national operating system and expects to begin development in the near future.
• The National operating system will appear in 2011 »»»
The first version of the Russian national operating system may appear as early as 2011, said today Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Ilya Massuh.