Chuck Norris attacked Linux-routers and modems

Czech researchers have found the emergence of a new botnet network, which spread through Linux-routers and DSL-modems.

The incident said Ian dug (Jan Vykopal), who heads the department network security at the Institute of Information Technology University. Masaryk (Brno, Czech Republic). Botnet dubbed “botnet Chuck Norris, because Redistributions of source code contains a comment in Italian, which translates as” in the name of Chuck Norris. ”

New botnet distributed through the Linux-device architecture, MIPS, whose owners do not take it upon themselves to establish a complex combination of user name and password for management (administration panel is accessible through the web interface). In addition to routers and DSL-modem botnet infects and satellite TV receivers. It is reported that the geography of a botnet is very broad: the infected device found in South America and in Europe, and Asia.

Sam bot is placed in memory and starts to scan the network for other vulnerable devices. Its management is carried out via IRC. To get rid of the bot, simply restart the device.

24 February 2010

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• There had been the first botnet of Linux-Routers »»»
Attackers managed to prove the possibility of botnet networks working on platforms other than Windows, seizing control over approximately 100 thousand ADSL mini-routers, c based on the Linux firmware, and use them as a single botnet network for DDoS attacks and spamming.
• Yandex holds the Olympiad for Linux-based administrators with a large prize fund »»»
Russian Internet company "Yandex" has announced the holding of the fourth in a row Olympiad for system administrators operating system GNU / Linux and free software - Yandex.
• They began to know more about the Linux-system of North Korea »»»
Russia university student named Kim Il Sung in North Korea published in his blog review of Linux-distro Red Star, developed in North Korea.
• Graphical environment with the release of KDE 4.4 has become more "social" »»»
There was an official announcement of the new version of the popular graphical operating environment KDE - 4.
• In Fedora and other Linux-distributions directory appears / run »»»
Lennart Poettering (Lennart Poettering), creator of the system manager systemd and sound server PulseAudio, presented on the mailing list Fedora Linux developers a new system directory “/ run”.