Amazon has paid Microsoft for the use of Linux

On Monday, Microsoft and Amazon have announced a reciprocal patent agreements. By its terms Amazon will pay Microsoft a sum of money (the specific figure is not disclosed) for the use … servers based on Linux!

As you know, Microsoft claims that many solutions based on Linux violates its own patents, so many companies just in case license from Microsoft, such a decision, to sell software based on Linux or use it for their own areas. Among such companies Novell, Samsung, Fuji Xerox, and now more and Amazon.

24 February 2010

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• Microsoft is trying to completely monopolize the OS market: "In Microsoft courts insist that Linux is the property of her and now she behaves as if Linux is its property." »»»
Microsoft announced the release of SQL Server on Linux, as well as prepares the operating system based on Debian for network devices.
• The company has licensed codecs H.264/AVC Canonical for Ubuntu Linux »»»
The company Canonical is now the only Linux-vendor, received a license to use the H.
• Microsoft first launched its Azure service that runs on Linux »»»
Sirosh Joseph (Joseph Sirosh), corporate vice president of Microsoft, announced the release of the first product of this company to work with large data intended for Linux.
• The court forbade distribute televisions violating GPL »»»
Organization Center for the Protection of Free Software (Software Freedom
• Samsung bought off by Microsoft »»»
Samsung has signed an agreement with Microsoft, one of the points which is the settlement of possible patent violations related to the use of free software.