We look forward OsmocomBB - the free firmware for GSM

Maybe after some time, Richard Stallman finally get rid of the need to call fixed telephone and joins the ranks of the slim 4.5 billion earthlings, who use mobile communication.

The point is that Harald Velte announced a project OsmocomBB, which aims at creating a free firmware, an alternative to proprietary stacks GSM-devices. Project participants want to enable users with an alternative firmware to get full control over data. Naturally, the firmware will make calls, send SMS-ki, and perform other customary actions.

At the moment the code is fully implemented to scan the signal spectrum in the GSM networks, connect to the channel to perform operations AFC (Automatic Frequency Control), the decoding of data synchronization channel SCH for BSIC and the GSM frames, decoding BCCH (broadcast control channel, which is used by the base station GSM to spread its identification information and configuration).

Project participants have already experimenting with phones based on GSM-chip Texas Instruments Calypso / Iota / Rita, the first prototype of a free firmware is created phones for Motorola C115-C155.

22 February 2010

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