Mobile Linux-Intel Moblin platform and Nokia Maemo combined

Today at the event, Mobile World Congress 2010, held in Barcelona (Spain), Intel and Nokia have announced the merger of its mobile Linux-systems Moblin and Maemo to create a single software platform[t:tag slug=platforma]platform, dubbed MeeGo.

Draft MeeGo positioned as “Open Source-platform for next-generation computing devices.” The system will be designed to run on devices of different types: portable laptops and netbooks, Internet tablets and smartphones, embedded TV-systems. Purpose MeeGo - become a unified and universal mobile Linux-platform, which will operate on computers of different architectures and different purposes.

Equally important, the project MeeGo will be posted on the site nonprofit Linux Foundation.

15 February 2010

Graphical environment with the release of KDE 4.4 has become more “social”
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• The company will develop Gregory Berezkina Russian mobile OS (the "Open Mobile Platform," calculates based on Linux to create a competitor to Android) »»»
The Innopolis started the development of Russia's mobile operating system, the message says Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov in his tweet.
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Linus Torvalds began developing an operating system kernel in April 1991.
• Clipboards with a specialized version of the Ubuntu OS will appear in 2011 »»»
Canonical is preparing a version of the operating system Ubuntu, optimized for Tablet PCs, says a source, referring to the head of the company.
• Das Unternehmen wird Gregory Berezkina russischen mobile OS (die "Open Mobile Platform", rechnet auf Linux-Basis, einen Konkurrenten Android zu schaffen) entwickeln »»»
Die Innopolis die Entwicklung der russischen Handy-Betriebssystem gestartet wird, sagt der Botschaft Minister für Kommunikation und Massenmedien Nikolai Nikiforov in seinem Tweet.
• Palm introduced webOS - its new OS based on Linux »»»
The exhibition CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2009 the company introduced its new Palm operating system for mobile devices - webOS.