Graphical environment with the release of KDE 4.4 has become more “social”

There was an official announcement of the new version of the popular graphical operating environment KDE - 4.4.0 codenamed “Caikaku”.

In the working spaces Plamsa (KDE Plasma Workspaces) The special edition for netbooks and small laptops (Plasma Netbook). It is used as possible components of Plasma Desktop, but they are configured so as to make them easier to deploy and use on devices with small screens. In Social Desktop are improved, allowing users to send messages and find friends directly through the widget. In the window manager KWin appeared association function of windows in tabbed browsing interface.

New framework KAuth provides secure authentication and a variety of ready-made widgets for applications in carrying out operations in which the user will need to improve system power.

9 February 2010

Service appeared to update the Linux-kernel without rebooting the system
Mobile Linux-Intel Moblin platform and Nokia Maemo combined

• KDE developers have demanded from the GNOME project to stop using the name "System Settings" »»»
Starting from the recently released GNOME 3.0, the control panel is called “System Settings”.
• Linus Torvalds on the Eee PC »»»
In the previous post - a small story about how
• At the appointed time came Ubuntu 10.10. »»»
Officially available release Linux distribution Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”. Distribution is available in versions for desktops.
• Clipboards with a specialized version of the Ubuntu OS will appear in 2011 »»»
Canonical is preparing a version of the operating system Ubuntu, optimized for Tablet PCs, says a source, referring to the head of the company.
• Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" »»»
The Release of Linux distribution Ubuntu 9.10 ( "Karmic Koala), available in editions for desktops, servers, cloud-environments (Server for UEC and EC2) and netbooks (Netbook Remix).