Microsoft Russia is struggling with free software with the help of In Touch “?

It seems that Russia’s division at Microsoft has found a new interesting way to create a bad image of an open and free software - with the largest Russian-language social network “In Contact“.

In the social network “in touch,” there is a group under the harmless and very common title “IT-community (restart)”. In addition to its leadership marked girl (Tatiana Makarova) and, apparently, her colleagues (Nina Miradovoy) can be seen, and two notable representatives of Microsoft Russia, do not conceal their affiliation with the corporation.

This group regularly works “discussions” on Open Source, which under the pretext of education of the public is told about a free and open source software, and then, usually in the course of discussions, made the remarkable findings of inapplicability of such a business model for - and, as a rule , with references to “confirmation” from various network sources. For example, in a recent (January 2010) discussing the reliability of Linux-systems provided the reference to Article 2001, which states that “the power cord cboy mozhet Attempting to pazpysheniyu faylovoy the system, polnoy nepabotocpocobnocti opepatsionki and potepe dannyx.

3 February 2010

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• Minkomsvyazi developed proposals for transfer of state organs to free software »»»
State authorities offered to move to free software. In Minkomsvyazi Russia developed a package of documents on the development and acquisition of software for use in the organs of state power and budgetary institutions.
• Windows officially became friends with Linux »»»
Representatives from Microsoft and Novell signed an agreement whereby the operating system open source SUSE Linux can be run on machines running Windows.
• Own free OS Russia does not need »»»
Today at Finam held an online conference on free software, which was attended by representatives of leading software development companies.
• Microsoft sounded the alarm about the Ukraine's transition to open source »»»
In the Microsoft were worried about a round table discussion on “Concept of the State Target Program implementation in government software with open source”, scheduled for May 12.
• Medvedev before leaving Russia to introduce free license »»»
On behalf of President Medvedev prepared to amend the Civil Code, providing for the free license in Russia.