Linus Torvalds on the Eee PC

In the previous post - a small story about how in Linux has been improved device support extra-small in size due to buying by Linus To[t:tag slug=linus]Linuss[/t:tag] embroidery machines:) In a letter to Linus in the newsletter it was mentioned that for the control of the machine He uses the Eee PC with Fedora 12 on board. As a user Eee PC 701g with almost two years of experience, I became interested and Linus wrote a letter with several questions about his experience with these computers. Get a mini-interview and offered to your attention.

Q: What model Eee PC are you using?
A: I have them two pieces: 701 and 901.

Q: This is the main computer or one more?
A: No, of course, this is not the main computer. Atom brake as sin. I believe that the processors with direct execution of commands (in-order execution) - a crime against humanity, and I am sure that if Intel does not take significant steps (ie, make Atom out-of-order), ARM Cortex A9 capture the market of low-end machines.

I have a couple of netbooks, because I love small computers and use them to travel. But they could never serve as a main machine for development or something like that.

701 is too small to be useful. Screen is tiny and has impermissibly small resolution. Keyboard can barely use. 901 is much better and could be a good companion on trips, but the resolution is also too small (9 inches is normal, but 1024? 600 neyuzabelno out smartphones to laptops would fit at least 1366? 768, I think)

So I do not use any of them for anything other than testing. 901 used by my wife for her embroidery machines, and for such normal use, he fits very well.

CAUTION Perhaps, we should note that my claim may be overstated in comparison with many other people. My main machine - Nehalem 3.2 GHz c 6 GB RAM and two fast SSD-drives from Intel. Therefore, my ideas about what kind of performance can be

30 January 2010

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