Acceleration Ubuntu Linux

One of the methods of expediting the work of Linux is a preemptive read from disk into memory binaries of programs and their dependencies

29 December 2009 | cd, dependence, file, linux, memory, program, system, ubuntu linux, work

Minkosvyazi intends to transfer to the state authorities on open source software
QutIM - full analogue qip, but with great potential!

• School of the Siberian Federal District will be converted to free software »»»
By early 2010 the Siberian Federal District schools will move to use Windows on a package of free software for educational institutions, based on the Alt Linux.
• The package management system APT. »»»
Debian is different from other Linux distributions are very comfortable working with packages.
• Monitoring network BixData »»»
The monitoring system network constructed on the basis BixData, allows you to control almost all the parameters of systems, applications and hardware.
• Super GRUB Disk - easy boot record recovery »»»
Super GRUB Disk - a bootable floppy disk or CD-ROM, designed to download and restore the operating system after a failure.
• ALT Linux has released a distribution to children »»»
ALT Linux company announces the release of beta-electronic version developed for the distribution of children’s creativity ALT Linux 4.