Minkosvyazi intends to transfer to the state authorities on open source software

Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications intends to recommend for using in the APA with free software. This is stated in the draft methodological recommendations for the development and acquisition of software for use in government and budget organizations.

Thus, according to the recommendations in choosing the software needed to meet the challenges facing the public authorities and budgetary organizations, should give priority to free software (hereinafter - the ACT), except in cases where existing software solutions based on the ACT do not have the necessary features directly related to the solution of such problems, as well as cases in which the sales price of the complex necessary arrangements with the ACT than the price of similar events using proprietary software.

Due to the fact that to date has already been established and localized a significant number of free programs, features which allow to solve most of the typical problems encountered in the work of public authorities and budgetary institutions, the choice of software to be applied in government and budgetary institutions are encouraged to give priority to ready free software.

Placing orders for work on creating new programs or modification of existing software solutions based on the ACT may be undertaken only if the free software is not ready to meet the requirements of the state customer for the functionality and (or) the compatibility of certain types of programs that prevent the application of these programs to address the challenges facing the public authorities and (or) budgetary institutions …

27 December 2009 | , body, code, development, institution, ministry, power, software, use

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