The authorities of Ukraine’s move to Linux

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its order dated December 23, 2009 № 1588-p endorsed the concept of public trust scientific and technical programs of the public authorities of software with open source. State Committee of Informatization defined public contracting program. Committee, along with the interested central executive bodies responsible to develop and submit within four months of the Cabinet of Ministers a draft of the state program.

The program aims to address the problem of unlicensed software by creating the conditions for use in government software with open source because of its functionality and the need to optimize the expenditure of budgetary funds.

Program implementation will be based on a study of the current state of development and use of Ukrainian software open source, an objective analysis of the domestic market to provide services using the software open source in the state, public, private and individual sectors in comparison with proprietary software. Addressing the program will be implemented through improved legal framework for issues: intellectual property rights regarding the use of software with open source, interagency coordination creating and using software with open source; Goskominformatizatsii coordinating activities and implementing programs to monitor the use of organs of state power software open source.

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Results of first contest “The best free project of Russia
Minkosvyazi intends to transfer to the state authorities on open source software

• Minkosvyazi intends to transfer to the state authorities on open source software »»»
Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications intends to recommend for using in the APA with free software.
• Minkomsvyazi developed proposals for transfer of state organs to free software »»»
State authorities offered to move to free software. In Minkomsvyazi Russia developed a package of documents on the development and acquisition of software for use in the organs of state power and budgetary institutions.
• Ukraine will create a public Linux »»»
In order to save budget in Ukraine will develop a package of open source software for government agencies.
• Ukraine is preparing a program of transition to Linux and open source in state agencies »»»
May 12, 2009 at the State Committee of Informatization of Ukraine held a public discussion of the Concept of the state target program implementation in government software open source, where officials said the decision to switch to open source until 2012 and the establishment of Ukrainian distro OS-based Linux.
• Russia found a replacement for Microsoft »»»
Ministry of Communications is developing its own version of the software for school computers.