Mark Shuttleworth resigns as head of Canonical - the company produces Ubuntu

The company Canonical, commercial sponsor of the operating system, Ubuntu Linux, said today that the permanent head of the company and the second space tourist, Mark Shuttleworth the resignation of chief executive officer of the company. The resignation will take place in early 2010. Vacant will Jane Silber, now is the operating company’s CEO.

In a press release Canonical says Shuttleworth resigns as CEO of the company as are necessary to solve a lot of common issues, and the head and founder of Canonical would like to focus on some specific and important issues associated with the development of Ubuntu.

“Ubuntu is my main priority. I will work on adapting the operating system for working with cloud systems. In this position, I have a lot to work with our partners and customers. I am happy to concentrate on the things that think for themselves interesting and important,” - says he.

“Most of his working time, I intend to devote the design and development of operating systems. I really want Ubuntu has been successful as an open platform as a whole. I wish that it could equally well apply for netbooks, desktops and servers. In the current situation I can not give this enough attention. Now, as head of the company will take Jane (Silber), I am honored that she agreed to lead Canonical “, - said Shuttleworth.

17 December 2009 | , canonical, company, head, sponsor, system, ubuntu, ubuntu linux

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