Malicious software in an open repository for GNOME

In the screensaver for gnome, distributed in the form. Deb-package through the website, discovered malicious software that allows you to use your computer for DDoS-attacks. Sooner or later it had to happen but this is not a virus and can not spread itself .

10 December 2009 | computer, gnome, software, website

Launched an official beta-testing the Linux (and MacOS X) version of the browser Google Chrome
Mark Shuttleworth resigns as head of Canonical - the company produces Ubuntu

• DDOS - was zu tun ist. Wenn der Server ist nur ein - Linux mit Apache. »»»
Dieser Artikel wird zum Schutz der Server von DDOS-Attacken Form HTTP Hochwasser, wissen, welche der Seiten DDoS-Attacke, die lehren, wie man das angegriffene Website zu deaktivieren, und schützen Sie Ihre Website auf einem Server oder VPS.
• DDOS - what to do. If the server is only one - Linux with Apache. »»»
This article will help protect the server from DDOS attacks form HTTP flood, know which of the sites are DDOS attack, which teach how to disable the attacked site, and protect your site on a server or vps.
• Washington Post recommends the use of Linux in the commission of the bank on-line transactions »»»
The correspondent of the Washington Post's Brian Kirby, dealing with
• The most secure from hackers OS was Ubuntu Linux »»»
At a computer security conference CanSecWest, held in Vancouver, Canada, during the competition PWN2OWN hackers could not hack a computer running the operating system, Ubuntu Linux 7.
• Linuksoidy begun to transfer schools to free software »»»
Company’s “Armada”, a member of the consortium won a tender for the supply of free software in Russia’s schools, has launched a website that will cover the course linuksizatsii schools.