Launched an official beta-testing the Linux (and MacOS X) version of the browser Google Chrome

Google has announced the first official beta version of the web-browser Chrome for Linux and MacOS X. Download the browser can now be the standard site / chrome in the 32 - and 64-bit builds for Linux distributions, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE.

Linux installation uses about 60 standard libraries, including the Gtk2 +, Pango, Cairo, FreeType, DBus, Pcre, Asound, etc. The browser supports changing the appearance of a standard GTK-theme, to receive updates through the standard distribution package manager. Also expressed support for the integration not only with desktop environments Gnome, but also full support for KDE.

It is reported that in the creation of Google Chrome was attended by approximately 50 independent open source developers to work in Linux browser written 60 thousand extra lines of code. Moreover, the announcement of the direct text says that most of the engineers at Google are using Linux on their computers and have a direct interest in the development of Chrome as a fast, secure and stable browser.

Coderzhimoe Taba each run in a completely isolated environment which makes it impossible to gain access to external data and the impact on other tabs (eg, the collapse of the engine from the script in one tabe not affect any other). To monitor the consumption of resources in the browser has a built-in task manager that provides access to detailed statistics on memory consumption, CPU utilization and network activity.

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