Has been released beta version of Google Chrome for Linux

Google finally cheered all Linux-users of the official release of its Web-browser for the free platform. However, at the moment it is available only in beta.

Until now, the official page of Google Chrome was available only to Windows-version of the browser, and Linux-users are asked to either wait for the release, or try alternative assembly of Open Source-project Chromium. Google is now proposed linuksoidam and “official” release of his creation - while in beta version.

Available packages for Debian / Ubuntu, openSUSE / Fedora.

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• A company called CodeWeavers adapted web-browser Google Chromium for Linux »»»
Official support for Linux browser Google Chrome, in its current state, is a set of source code designed to work in test mode subsystems, ie the entire user interface is limited to finding a dump of passing the tests in text mode.
• Launched an official beta-testing the Linux (and MacOS X) version of the browser Google Chrome »»»
Google has announced the first official beta version of the web-browser Chrome 4.
• Startete eine offizielle Beta-Test der Linux (und MacOS X) Version des Browsers Google Chrome »»»
Google hat die erste offizielle Beta-Version des Web-Browser Chrome für Linux und MacOS X angekündigt Download kann der Browser nun die Standard-Website google.
• Chrome for Linux and Mac will be released until mid-year »»»
The representative of the Internet giant Google said that the company plans to release a version of the Web-browser Chrome for GNU / Linux and Mac OS X in the first half of 2009.
• Eine Firma namens CodeWeavers angepasst Web-Browser Google-Chrom für Linux »»»
Die offizielle Unterstützung für Linux-Browser Google Chrome, in seinem aktuellen Zustand, ist ein Satz von Source-Code entwickelt, um im Testmodus Subsysteme, dh Arbeit die gesamte Benutzeroberfläche ist auf der Suche nach einer Deponie nach dem Bestehen des Tests im Textmodus beschränkt.