ABI: Speculation about the declining share of Linux among netbooks - true

ABI Research said that the constant speculation about the fall of the share of the operating system GNU / Linux netbooks on the market do not correspond to the real situation.

According to Jeff Orr (Jeff Orr), an analyst from ABI, about a third of netbooks sold this year, come loaded with Linux-distributions. The total number of devices by the end of the year will amount to 35 million, while 11 million are equipped with Linux. Thus, the account at the free OS of about 32 per cent of the netbook to 68% for Windows.

Prior to that, advertisers from Microsoft distributes information that in the U.S. only 4 per cent sold netbooks come with Linux. “If you live in the U.S., we should not think that everything is running Windows”, - parried Orr.

8 December 2009 | , , , analyst, linux, reduction, share, situation, system

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