Linux Foundation obvila winner of the contest advertisement “We have Linux”

Non-profit organization Linux Foundation has announced the winner of its competition “We Linux” for the best advertising spots on the operating system GNU / Linux. Wins Grand Prix promotional contest was a 25-year-old designer from Israel with his movie “What does it mean to be free?”. The winner will go to Tokyo (Japan) at an event organized by the Linux Foundation Japanese Linux Symposium, which will be held in October 2009.

8 April 2009 | , advertising, contest, foundation, linux foundation, organization, system, video, winner

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• Linux Foundation is now accepting advertisements "I'm Linux" »»»
United Linux Foundation (LF), dedicated to the promotion of the operating system GNU / Linux, announced the beginning of the reception promotional videos for the competition “I’m Linux” (I’m Linux).
• Winners of the contest video "We - Linux" »»»
At the conference, Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit announced the winners of the second annual video “We - Linux”, promoting the benefits of the platform Linux.
• Novell launched a competition for the best video about Linux »»»
The company Novell, which develops and sells enterprise solutions based on SUSE Linux, today announced the launch of its video contest about Linux, known as “What do you do with Linux?
• Linux Foundation will prepare a generation of Linux-developers »»»
The Linux Foundation (LF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the popularization of the operating system GNU / Linux, has announced that it intends to launch a training program for the development for Linux.
• Novell organized the contest video "What do you do with Linux?" »»»
In connection with the resounding success of the competition “We’re Linux”, conducted by Linux Foundation, Novell company decided to organize its own contest videos.