Red Hat encourages the community to declare war on patent trolls

The company IP Innovation has filed a lawsuit against Red Hat and Novell back in 2007. Known as a subsidiary of Acacia Technologies, it is considered the most unscrupulous patent troll in the United States. There is a view that the company produces nothing and lives only at the expense of those “violators” of patents, which it is blackmailing the court, and to get their money ready to sue over the years.

14 February 2009 | community, company, hat, ip, lawsuit, red, unit, united states, war

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• On Red Hat and Novell filed a lawsuit because of patent violations in Linux »»»
The company IP Innovation, a division Acacia Technologies Group, filed a lawsuit against Linux-vendor Novell and Red Hat because of the violation of patents registered in 1991 in the U.
• Bei Red Hat und Novell reichte eine Klage wegen Patentverletzungen in Linux »»»
Die Firma IP Innovation, ein Geschäftsbereich Acacia Technologies Group, reichte eine Klage gegen Linux-Anbieter Novell und Red Hat wegen der Verletzung von Patenten im Jahr 1991 im US-Patentamt registriert als “Benutzer-Interface mit mehreren Arbeitsbereichen für den Austausch von Display-System-Objekte” von Xerox PARC.
• Sur Red Hat et Novell a déposé une poursuite en raison de violations de brevets dans Linux »»»
La société IP Innovation, une division Acacia Technologies Group, a déposé une poursuite contre Linux-fournisseur Novell et Red Hat raison de la violation de brevets déposés en 1991 à l’Office des brevets U.
• Red Hat has filed a lawsuit against Switzerland. The price of issue 39 million dollars »»»
The company Red Hat, dealing potavkoy operating system Linux, has sent a lawsuit against the government of Switzerland is the Swiss Federal Court.
• Microsoft and Linux are in equal »»»
According to Mark Shuttleworth, Microsoft will never unleash a patent war with Linux, because they understand that the idea will not be successful.