In experimental support for Linux appeared filesystem exFAT

Ogawa Hirofumi presented in the list of Linux kernel developers start implementing support for file system exFAT. Since the specifications for the format exFAT not disclosed, Linux driver was developed by studying the work exFAT section, created with the drivers from Windows Vista. Currently, the driver can operate in read-only mode.

ExFAT file system was implemented in Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1, but is also available as an update to Windows XP. exFAT intended for use on Flash drives a large volume, eliminating the limitations FAT32. Maximum file size is increased from 4 GB to 16 exabytes, in order to reduce fragmentation and increase the speed put a bitmap of free blocks, a limit on the number of files in one directory raised to 65 thousand, provides the possibility of storing ACL (not yet supported in Windows drivers).

31 January 2009 | , , core, developer, driver, list, study, support, system

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Main changes: * Added experimental realization filesystem Btrfs * Includes file system Squashfs 4.
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The Release of Linux Unified Kernel 0.2.4? LUK or Longene), representing a set of modules and patches for the Linux kernel with the implementation of infrastructure support and drivers, system calls, Win32, allowing to directly implement Windows applications and use Windows drivers in Linux.
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June 4 were released final ISO images of Fedora 11, the official announcement is scheduled for release on June 9.
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Japanese company Lineo, which develops Linux-embedded solutions, has developed technology for fast start kernel Linux, which allows you to load the kernel open operating system for low-power and embedded systems for 2,97 seconds.