Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany takes 11 000 of its computers to Linux

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany holds one of the largest migration project in open source software. Planned diplomatic vedomctva, Linux will be taken from all 11 000 workstations and servers owned by the MFA.

Rolf Schuster, a former head of the IT department of the Foreign Ministry of Germany, now Germany’s ambassador in Madrid, said that given the specificity of diplomatic and consular work of open source software is much cheaper than commercial. On the peculiarities of migration and use of open source software across such a large department Shuster said today in the Open Source World conference in the Spanish city of Malaga.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a full-scale migration to Linux and other open source software. The transition to the new platform dramatically reduced the cost of servicing the IT infrasturkutury in comparison with other German ministries. Ministry of Foreign Affairs have to manage desktop computers of employees in many remote corners of the world, some of whom do not even have access to the Internet. In addition, we allocate only 1000 euros per year per computer, 3000 against the euro in other departments “, - says Shuster.

Note that Linux in Germany as a whole is in favor. At the open operating system for various reasons, moved about 40% of German schools and universities, Linux is used by all governmental authorities in Munich, BMW has also recently conducted a migration of its servers to Linux.

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