Microsoft removes utility for Windows 7 after accusations of violating the GPL

Last week at Within Windows information was received concerning the possible use by Microsoft code, licensed under the GPL. Under the issue turned out to be Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool, a careful study of pre-compiled binaries which revealed that the names of many of its methods suspiciously coincide with similar methods used in free software projects ImageMaster. Microsoft does not comment on the agreement until Monday, when the above utility was removed from the servers of the company.

While the software giant did not openly admits breach of GPL, resonating forced the company to begin an internal investigation. "We are currently Removing Windows USB / DVD Tool (WUDT) from Microsoft Store before the end of test" - spokesman for relations with the press.

The main purpose of USB / DVD Tool - this is empowering users to install Windows 7. With this tool, the user can not only upload them to the distribution paid from Microsoft Store, and burn it to DVD or USB-drive, from which can then be downloaded and installed the system.

11 November 2009 | , company, gpl, microsoft, utility, website, windows

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